Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Motor Neurone Disease

This is not crafting related but something which I am proud to highlight on behalf of Neil Platt and his family; Neil is the brother of one of my work colleagues and is a sufferer of this dreadful disease, which was also responsible for the death of their father a few years ago.
Last year, in order to raise awareness of MND Neil created a blog, Plattitude, he knew that in doing so it was too late to save himself, but by raising awareness and the need for more funding to research MND, he might just be doing something to prevent Oscar, his baby son, from dying of the same illness. Yesterday, after writing his final blog entry, Neil went into the hospice for the last time. This entry on my blog is a tribute to this brave man and his family - my heart goes out to Neil, Louise, Oscar, Matt and all their family


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Have visited your blog via DC website. I don't know why you are so unsure about your handiwork in creating this blog as I think its great. I don't have one and wouldn't have a clue what to do - I hardly have enough spare time to make cards (which I love to do)!
Just wanted to say well done and I shall visit again...oh and thankyou for posting the instructions for the stubby diamond card.

Kind regards,
Dianne Vynne
Heywood, Lancs

annies place said...

Hi Linda I'm new to blogging myself & thank you for adding youself as a folloer. I'm having probs with my comments, tried to make it easier to leave a comment & ended up making it more difficult., still it's all good for the brain.
You seem to be doing really well with yours well done,
Love Ann x

annies place said...

Hi Again, I've left something on my blog for you, haven't yet figured out how to link stuff Ann x